Marketing Consultancy

“David has an excellent ability to cut to the nub of the issue…and has a tried and tested methodology to ensure that our clients understand our value proposition quickly and clearly”
Ed Brooks, Founder, Leopard Digital Ltd

Marketing Consultancy

I’m a Strategic Marketing Consultant. I try to bring clarity and focus to my clients’ issues. I sharpen strategy, hone key messages to tell a compelling story and spotlight the most effective sales and marketing techniques. My proposals are always practical and founded on common sense born of a lifetime of experience. I can help with all or any of the following, using a combination of industry and proprietary tools and models:

Marketing Strategy

  • Problem – pinpoint the market need or pain and opportunity
  • Product – develop the product and how it can meet that need
  • Purpose – clarify the marketing objectives
  • Price – define a competitive, added value, pricing strategy
  • Positioning – position competitively in the market
  • People – identify who will buy/use the product
  • Place – establish the best route to market

Brand Strategy

  • Proposition – articulate the product usp or point of difference
  • Proof – produce the evidence for that claim
  • Properties – identify the brand values and how are they described
  • Packaging – tell the brand story
  • Presentation – help define what the brand looks like – the brand design

Marketing Communications Plan

  • Promotion – establish the most effective ways of reaching the target audiences, at what cost – website, social media, blogging, PR, advertising etc
  • Programme – create an implementation action plan harnessing the best of these techniques

“The Marketing Temple” Masterclass

This masterclass covers the basics of formulating a compelling, creative and coherent Marketing Plan including a Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications Plan.
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