Presentation & Pitching

“I found the whole day totally inspiring. I have never been to a workshop that kept me as engaged as this one”
Hannah Masters, Account Manger, Xibo Ltd

Presentation & Pitching Skills

I’m a Presentation Skills and Pitching Coach and Trainer. I am lucky to have been taught by some of the best in the business, notably at Saatchi and Saatchi and in the Television Industry. I’ve had a lifetime of opportunities, in business, advertising, marketing, television and with my own startups, to hone those skills, put them into practice and turn them into this programme.


My programme takes the principles of a great pitch and applies them to all potential presentation scenarios – from an internal company presentation, a sales pitch, a public speaking engagement, to a Dragons Den-style investor pitch. The programme can be tailored to presenters of all levels – from the inexperienced novice to the more accomplished presenter who wants to hone his or her technique and learn a few new tricks. The programme is available as half or full day masterclass or one-to-one and covers three areas:


    • The importance of a clear objective and rigorous planning
    • How to structure thoughts and arguments
    • Creating a compelling and engaging story


      • How to combine text, images, interaction etc to bring the presentation alive
      • The dos and don’ts of PowerPoint and other tools
      • Thinking beyond the slides – other great techniques


      • Overcoming nerves
      • Preparing and using the room
      • How to command and engage the audience – using the voice, eyes, body, the space


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